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RYME+ organizes an immersion workshop in Murcia

17 Jan, 2017

The European Business and Innovation Center of Murcia, CEEIM, hosted an immersion workshop on the 23rd of November 2016.

The aim of the workshop was to show in detail the original methodologies used in RYME (2012-2014), prequel of RYME+.

The methodology was composed by 4 steps:

The companies’ selection was done through a diagnosis tool, measuring variables like R&D, exports, sales, potential synergies and the business plan. Finally there were 99 companies selected from the 3 SUDOE territories (France, Spain, Portugal), Brazil and USA.

The training was focused on showing to the selected companies how to operate in the RYME territories (France, Spain, Portugal, USA and Brazil), dealing with taxation, financing tools, legal and economic framework, cultural barriers, business opportunities, etc. Trainings were organized in each partner headquarters, and the companies had the chance to physically attend the workshops depending on their market interests.

The commercial preparation aimed to give to the selected companies a commercial tool proving as a company presentation fiche (companies book). Furthermore, they received a list of commercial recommendations for facing the internationalization process in a successful way. During this step, partners based on a questionnaire, face-to-face interviews and the analysis of the commercial material of each company.

Finally, based on the interests generated through the companies’ interaction in the web platform, partners organized 4 multilateral online speed meetings, in which selected companies had the chance to exchange potential collaboration opportunities. From this first contact, 40 bilateral meetings arose between the companies.

RYME+ will adapt this methodology to an online format, enable companies to go through the internationalization process in an autonomous way using a web platform and having the support of the partners as well as access to an international network of experts in the different markets.