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RYME+ News: "Humans of Sudoe: Paulo´s words"

31 Jan, 2019

Paulo Pinto, Managing Partner @ Radosys Atlantic, Coimbra (Portugal), users of RYME +

"Our company was interested in having customers in Uruguay due to their specificities, the political context which is much easier than in other South American countries and its good technological development regarding radon; and for this purpose, we needed to understand better its market. Thanks to RYME +, I had the opportunity to participate to a business mission there and find two companies with which we are implementing partnerships to explore the market together. I think that RYME+ is very good for small companies: it allows them to explore new markets which are difficult to access. Under the project, you have a user‘s profile and based on it, they. match you with other companies around the world. Plus, they give you a lot of support during the mission, covering the travelling and accomodation costs related to your journey.“

RYME + is an Interreg Sudoe project of the current programming period (2014-2020) which aims at boosting SMEs internationalization.
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