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6th Steering Committee

04 Jun, 2018

The sixth steering committee meeting of the RYME+ project took place at I4.0 building - Science and Technology Park of Gijón on May 15th and 16th, with the presence of 6 beneficiary partners, namely UPTEC, IPN, CEEIM, CCINA, CCILR and CEEIPA.
The main topics discussed during the two-day meeting were related with the state of development of the electronic platform for supporting the SMEs and planning of the future actions. The platform tools available for the companies were presented and discussed by all the partners, especially the tools concerned about establishing the matching among the companies registered on the platform. This is the way through the companies can express their interest in meeting and exploring future commercial opportunities.
Another important issue dealt in the meeting was the selection of companies participating in the trade mission with the exception of Chicago. On this regard, all the partners responsible of the different markets, presented their provisional list of participants in order to get a consensus about the final number of companies to take by each partner, still pending. Moreover, the dates for the celebration of the trade missions were defined following the next schedule:
• Chicago (EEUU): June 18th-22th
• Tel- Aviv (Israel): September, 2nd – 5th
• Sao Paolo (Brazil): September, 24th – 28th
• Austin (EEUU): December, 3rd – 7th
• Uruguay (Montevideo): October, 22th – 24th
Partners had also discussed about the management, communication and Follow up work packages and defined the work calendar until June 2019.