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23 Jan, 2018

The methodology of RYME+ is moving forward and we are now finalizing the development of the training session. This activity will be focus on the adaption of training methodologies for the internationalization of SMEs from SUDOE Area in the third countries participating in the project. This methodology has been also implemented on the platform through the use of the LIVESTORM tool for the attendance of the different webinars.

With this tool, the participating SMEs had the opportunity to have access to the different training sessions about internationalization in the following markets: Chicago (EEUU), Austin (EEUU), São Paulo (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Tel-Aviv (Israel) but also the SUDOE Markets (Portugal, Spain and France) including information about emerging opportunities, financing, taxes and other relevant aspects to take into account. Furthermore, all the webinars were linked to the specific industries that are represented in the RYME+ Project: Health and Welfare, Energy, materials and industrial sustainability, Smart cities, ICT and creative industries.

In order to complete these training stage, all the SMES have at their disposal different documents on the platform about the mentioned territories:

- Country profile: Preliminary information about the market to explore (Global competitiveness report)
- Industries profiles: with the objective of giving a quick focus on the RYME+ industries for each country including an overview about industry and also an overview of trends and main opportunities.
- Success stories: The idea is to show real and inspiring cases of companies that have accomplished an internationalization process successfully in one of the RYME+ territories.

In addition, all the webinars have been recorded and uploaded on the platform as additional material with the corresponding FAQs report that includes all the questions / doubts / answers that were launched throughout the session.

The calendar of the different webinars followed the next order:

November 2017:
- Austin (EEUU): USA - Start a business in Texas Webinar files available

December 2017:
- Spain: Opportunities in the Spanish market
- Uruguay: Review of the Technology Sector
- Chicago (EEUU: US networking - a communication toolbox
- Portugal: Invest in Portugal
- USA : Using Chicago to enter the US market
- How to enter into ISRAEL market.
- Soft Landing in Brazil
- Why you should invest in France?

All the webinars generated a great expectation and had a great audience from the companies registered on the platform.