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Presentation of the associated partners and abroad markets

18 Jul, 2017

RYME + (European project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg V-B Southwest Europe Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 (Interreg Sudoe Programme) is conceived as a transnational network to support the internationalization of SMEs: innovative tools for matching and mentoring, aims at the development and dynamization of the productive structure of the Sudoe Area thanks to the increase of the level of competitiveness, resilience, creation of wealth and innovation, and technological development of SMEs, through its orientation towards international markets for exchange of good practices, benchmarking and establishment of commercial relationships.
In order to do that, there is a consortium made up of 8 organizations involved in the project with complementary profiles and expertise such as chambers of commerce, business innovation centers and companies which will act as mentors for the new participants since they took part in the predecessor RYME project.
Completing this partnership, other ten organizations from the SUDOE participating regions (Center and North of Portugal, Asturias, Murcia and Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and the foreign markets will support and take part in the RYME + project as associated partners:

1. Instituto de Fomento de la región de Murcia (Murcia - Spain)

INFO is the development agency of the Region of Murcia. For the last 30 years of history, they have added talent and experience to the entrepreneurial spirit of citizens to move forward together in the new challenges of a constantly evolving environment. INFO offers a wide range of services covering the following areas of interests for companies:
Integral support to the entrepreneur. Creation, consolidation and transfer of companies, Business Innovation, Promotion of Innovation. Training, cooperation and financing, Investments and industrial land, Improvement of logistics processes, Location in business and industrial spaces., International Orientation and impetus to foreign trade, Training, cooperation and tenders, Business Financing Financing for companies in expansion, innovation or export and Investments and industrial land Invest in Murcia. Search for spaces, projects and suppliers and support for the participation in European projects.

2. Sociedad Promoción Exterior del Principado de Asturias (Asturias - Spain)

from the joint commitment of the Government of the Principality, the Asturian Federation of Employers (FADE), the Chambers of Commerce of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, and Cajastur to create an organizaton that encourages a greater presence of companies from Asturias in the international markets.
For that reason, ASTUREX has the following general objectives: Consolidate and increase the number of exporting companies, with special emphasis on support for SMEs, Encourage collaboration between companies for internationalization, Increase exports of traditional sectors and / or products, Promote and encourage exports of new sectors and / or products, Boost exports to new markets,

3. Agence pour la Valorisation de la Recherche Universitaire du Limousin (Limousin -France)

AVRUL is a real interface between the research world and the business world, AVRUL helps to develop partnerships. AVRUL develops services for researchers, companies or organizations. It accompanies them through all the stages of their projects: of research collaborations, of technological transfers or in the creation of new businesses.
AVRUL has several missions:

- Detecting thanks to a structure that supports the maturation of projects, the know-how and inventions of the University which may be proposed to the business world. AVRUL accompanies the research-teachers from the laboratories in the technology transfer of their research. It proposes the most adapted transfer contract.
- Identifying the partners and supporting collaborative projects between the business world (companies or any other business partner) and the University.
- Negotiating and drafting agreements or contracts adapted to the needs and constraints of each partner, it provides legal advice, ensuring the terms of the intellectual property. It manages and follows through these contracts on behalf of the parties.
- Advising and supporting the creation of new economic activities and innovative companies from the research results.
- Participating in the transfer of skills and/or technologies issued from the University within the scope of a close partnership with the existing technology transfer centers.
- Opening research towards the international market by creating new opportunities.

4. Openlimits – Business Solutions, LDA (Portugal)

With 25 years of experience in Organizational Management Information Systems, Openlimits creates and develops solutions that simplify processes and enhance the performance of organizations. As a group, they develop and integrate IT management solutions with specific processes adapted to organizations in various market segments. Openlimits also manages investments and companies in sectors such as Information Systems, Business Consulting and Security Systems.
The Openlimits Group has offices in Portugal (Coimbra, Viseu, Lisboa and Porto), in Angola (Luanda), Brazil (Salvador da Bahia), South Africa (Ladybrand) and Lesotho (Maseru).

5. AICEP Agencia para o investimento e Comercio Externo de Portugal, EPE (Portugal)

AICEP Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency is a government business entity, created in 2007, focused in encouraging the best foreign companies to invest in Portugal and contribute to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalization processes or export activities.
Resulting from the merger between API and Icep, former investment and economic promotion agencies, aicep Portugal Global ultimate goal is to promote a competitive business environment that stimulates the international expansion of our economy.
AICEP is a reliable partner to invest or buy Portuguese services or products. They help to find the business partner that best matches your request for Portuguese products or services and they have a global network to better understand and help to identify the Portuguese brand, sector, product or service.

6. Illinois Institute of Technology, University Technology Park (The United States)

Located in the heart of Chicago’s south side on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus, University Technology Park (UTP) is one of the nation’s fastest-growing hubs for high-tech innovation. UTP leased space to its first tenants in October 2005 and celebrated its official opening in November 2006. Since then they have provided space and support for nearly 60 startups who are creating jobs and opportunities in Chicago and beyond.
They provide more than 300,000 square feet of wet and dry lab and office space for growing companies focused on materials and life sciences, biomedical engineering, medical devices and diagnostics, green and clean technology, food safety, information technology and many other fields.

7. MCCOMBS School of Business, The University of Texas in Austin (The United States)

The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin is a leader across the nation and a key player in the university's push to address some of society's most pressing problems. Strong academic departments are bolstered by preeminent centers with faculty who excel as topical experts and whose work influences the practice and teaching of business.
The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Global Business develops and supports internationalization within the McCombs School of Business, provides international business learning opportunities throughout the University, and serves as a change agent for internationalization of business education across the U.S. The Center fosters exchange programs for McCombs students, provides research and teaching programs for faculty members, designs international courses for the McCombs curriculum, and conducts outreach programs to businesses and academic institutions throughout the country.

8. CIETEC – Centro de Inovaçao, Empreendedorismo e Tecnología (Brazil)

The Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology - Cietec is a private non-profit civil association established with the mission of promoting innovative entrepreneurship, encouraging the transformation of knowledge into value-added products and services for the market. Throughout its 16 years of existence, Cietec has developed methodologies and expertise in the selection and monitoring of nascent technology-based companies, translated into the systematization of incubation processes, creation and management of innovation habitats and the promotion of activities and management support Technological, marketing and administrative startups.
Encouraging the search by companies for public and private development and investment for the development of their products, services and processes, among them "angel investment", "seed capital" and "venture capital", Cietec have generated indicators that Show performance benchmarks that identify the benchmark for the innovation and entrepreneurship sector in Brazil, including internationally.

9. Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (Uruguay)

The National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) is a government agency that promotes research and application of new knowledge to productive and social reality of the country. ANII provides public funding for research projects, scholarships national and international graduate programs and incentive programs for innovative entrepreneurship and culture, both in the private and public sectors.
ANII developed the National Research System, a program of national economic researchers categorized based on a strict evaluation system incentives. Timbo also created the Portal, which allows free access to all kinds of scientific publications worldwide for all Uruguayans. ANII serves as a mechanism for coordination among stakeholders in the development of knowledge, research and innovation.

10. EMGI Israel, Next Generation Entrepreneurship (Israel)

EMGI’s misison is to empower local teams to lead entrepreneurship through a platform of global knowledge sharing. They combine professional experience along with academic knowledge to create unique models in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. Their core belief is that valuable knowledge should be free and accessible to anyone worldwide.
Through their connection with MG Equity Partners Ltd, they provide select startups with hands-on Fund Raising Services for a six month period. These services include:

- Close up coaching and training in the art of raising funds
- Assistance in creating killer investment collaterals and building a great pitch
- Connections to potential investors – angels, VCs, corporate and public – as best fits
- Optionally joining roadshows