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18 Jul, 2017

RYME+ has been working in the online adaptation of the methodology during the last months. At the same time, everything is being implemented in our web platform, in order to let companies go through the online methodology with autonomy and independence, having always the support of business mentors coming from the project partners/associates organizations.
First step for the selected companies within RYME+ is to start implementing all stages of the online methodology, which are:

1. Commercial preparation
2. Training
3. Speedmeetings

The methodology will guide them through an internationalization process, ensuring they are well-prepared for facing the common troubles of going global.

They will implement the first stage from July to September, defining their Companies Profiles, where they are asked through the web platform to specify information as the problem they are solving with their product/service, their internationalization/innovation profile, their main customers and, of course, the kind of cooperation they are looking for within RYME+ with the rest of the companies being part of this transnational network. Furthermore, within this first stage, they will complete their business model in a very synthetic way, in order to get recommendations from RYME+ mentors on what they should adapt for affording successfully this internationalization process.
During October and November, they will go thought the second stage, the Training. Companies will have access to a documents repository, where they will find Countries and Industries Profiles, in order to perfectly get to know the markets they are focused in, as well as internationalization success stories and interesting links. Besides, 7 webinars are going to be organize, where experts in all RYME+ territories (Portugal, Spain, France, USA, Brazil, Uruguay and Israel) will offer very practical seminars on how to get into the different markets, showing their realities, barriers, tips and suggestions in order to successfully going global.
Finally, from December 2017 until February 2018, companies will have the chance to participate in the online Speedmeetings sessions that will be organized based on the matching proposals coming from the web platform, companies’ interests (offers and demands) and synergies potentials.
And then, everything will be ready for cooperations to start arising among 3 continents during 2018…